Aw8-2 + is hearing protection + monitoring

Our aim is to reduce hearing loss by providing industrial hygienists, audiologists, and safety managers with near real-time information about the noise exposures of their participating clients. Instead of relying on coarse and infrequent area surveys, users can monitor noise exposure directly. So, if an individual client is approaching their safe noise limit, their manager can know about it immediately and take action - before hearing damage occurs.

Aw8-2 + - Overview Illustration of How It Works How it Works (PDF download)

  1. Clients wear Aw8-2 hearing protectors
  2. Aw8-2's record and store sound level measurements until Wi-Fi is available
  3. Data is transmitted to
  4. Managers log in to see up-to-date noise totals
  5. If noise totals indicate a problem, managers can act - before it's too late

Aw8-2 hearing protectors measure sound level from inside and outside of the ear. So, can also help to identify common problems such as if earplugs don't fit, or if someone isn't wearing earplugs at all, etc. - Illustration of Noise Scenarios Scenarios (PDF download)

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a major problem in military and manufacturing sectors. High performance hearing protection devices (HPD's) are available but there are not reliable systems for detecting the changes in noise level that occur between regularly scheduled noise surveys. There are few means for evaluating the adequacy of a person's hearing protection, or for detecting and enforcing compliance with hearing conservation directives. Hearing loss today is not as much about a lack of intervention options, but about a lack of actionable information. Aw8-2 + changes all of that by providing timely relevant metrics. lets you know who's safe - anytime, from anywhere.

Aw8-2 Flyer 1 (PDF download)
Aw8-2 Flyer 2 (PDF download)

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